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Starting Keto – Keto Mamas – Good for you!

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Starting Keto

Kudos to my beautiful daughter, Anna.  She started us on this keto-craze simply by wanting to lose weight.  Anna knew she had to take the bull by the horns or nothing would change.  Before we knew anything about keto, my husband and I promised we would support her by dieting with her.  We started off just by cutting back on carbohydraWoman measuring her waisttes, namely sugar and grains and eating more vegetables.  Shortly into this promise, I watched a documentary on fat, thinking maybe I would learn something that would help Anna.  It introduced me to Keto and boy, my eyes were opened! (see “Fat: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly”)

I was on fire, so excited to share my newfound knowledge with my family and anybody that would listen.  I was even starting to annoy some of my extended family.  But just look at us!!! After only a couple months on the keto diet and I had lost 10 pounds, Anna had lost 15 pounds and my husband had lost 30 pounds!  Are you kidding me?  This should speak for itself and with motivated people it does, but the skeptic says, “Yeah, but it’s not sustainable, so why even try.”  I am here to tell you that not only will you lose weight, but it IS sustainable and I am dedicated and passionate about showing you how (see “Introducing Keto”).

We began with a simple desire to lose weight, but it has turned into a way of living because we look and feel so good.  We have personally experienced unexpected changes to our health that are so significant that we will never go back to the typical American diet again.  With two-thirds of adult Americans having pre-diabetes or diabetes and 7 out of 10 deaths being caused by chronic disease, why would we want to go back? Keto Mamas was developed to help you in your health and weight-loss goals: your one-stop shop for keto living, so you can look and feel amazing. Now, let YOUR keto journey begin!

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