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The Keto Craze

Keto is the new dieting buzz word.  In fact, keto has now surpassed paleo in its number of search hits on the internet.  And while keto is growing in popularity, the keto diet has been around since the 1920’s when it was first used to treat epilepsy.  Since then, scientific research and health professionals are confirming that the ketogenic diet is also helpful with weight-loss, preventing various illnesses and promoting healing from devastating diseases like diabetes, auto-immune disease, cancer, heart disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and autism.

The Keto Diet Breakdown

The ketogenic diet consists of restricting your carbohydrates, virtually eliminating sugars, grains and starches, increasing your intake of healthy, natural fats and eating moderate amounts of protein.  The macronutrient breakdown in calories should be 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbohydrates .  To achieve optimal results, food should primarily be plant-based and “best source”, i.e. organic foods, grass-fed meat and dairy, and healthy fats (see “Fat: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly”).

Burning Fat Vs. Sugar

The body is designed to burn glucose (sugar) before it burns fat.  Because the typical American diet is high in carbohydrates, most people burn glucose for energy, storing the unused glucose as fat on their bodies. Restricting carbohydrates forces the liver to turn fat into ketone bodies for energy.  This is called ketosis.  Scientific studies are revealing that burning fat for fuel is both cleaner and more efficient than sugar. Most people who keep their carbohydrate consumption between 25 to 40 net grams  (total grams minus fiber grams) each day reach ketosis and experience weight-loss as their bodies attune to burning the fat they eat, as well as the fat on their own bodies.  This is the magic behind the natural ketogenic weight-loss system.

Fasting & Ketosis

Fasting is a powerful way of helping people reduce their carbohydrate cravings and quickly enter ketosis. Another name for the ketogenic diet is the “fasting-mimicking diet” because it simulates the metabolic state of fasting by naturally putting you into ketosis.  When coupled with fasting, the weight-loss and anti-aging effects of keto are intensified. There are various kinds of fasts, intermittent or restricted schedule eating and extended fasts (see “Fasting & Keto”).

The Keto Flu

When switching from a high carbohydrate diet to a keto diet, you may experience some unwanted symptoms like headaches, foggy brain, dizziness, sore muscles, low-energy and constipation.  Often referred to as the keto flu, these side-effects are mostly caused by the increased elimination of salts/minerals through the urine when in ketosis and can easily be remedied. Despite these temporary unpleasantries, after becoming metabolically adapted to burning fat for fuel, the keto diet produces many benefits including more energy, clearer skin and a keener mind. The Keto Flu can be greatly reduced or completely avoided through supplementation.  Email me at to find out what quality supplements I choose to take to get all the essential nutrients.

The Keto Lifestyle

After a few months on keto, people look and feel so good that many choose to make it a way of life.  The ketogenic lifestyle in not just about losing weight and increasing life-span, but is also about increasing health-span, so that our last years can be the golden years we always imagine.  We don’t have to die slowly of degenerate diseases, which are increasing at staggering rates.  We can have control over our lives and health. That is the empowerment of keto.

A complete ketogenic life incorporates all aspects of healthy living, including:

  • Treating food as medicine for a healthy gut-biome
  • Supplementation of vitamins and minerals
  • Protein cycling and carb-ups
  • Intermittent fasting or reduced-schedule eating
  • Exercise
  • Good sleep
  • Meditation
  • Eliminating stress
  • Healthy amounts of sunshine and connecting with the earth


Critics view the keto diet as unsustainable and extreme because sugars, grains and starches are a big part of the American diet.  They argue that people don’t want to give up their high carb/high fat comfort foods.  Let’s face it.  The biggest factor affecting weight-gain or loss is what you eat and when you eat.  The yo-yo effect of dieting occurs because people go back to their damaging, fat-forming foods as soon as they reach their weight-loss goal.  Sadly, they gain back all their lost weight and more.  For any diet to be sustainable, you must love your health and weight more than you love your comfort foods.  You must be willing to change what you eat and when you eat in-order to achieve long-term health and weight maintenance benefits.  The good news is that with the keto diet you can still enjoy many of the satisfying high-fat foods that you and your family love simply by tweaking the recipe to reduce the carbohydrates. Keto Mamas is here to assist you with ideas about how to overhaul your kitchen and incorporate a variety of your favorite keto recipes into your daily meals o that you and your family can enjoy eating together.

Our Mission

Keto Mamas was developed with all women and families in mind to help you in your ketogenic journey. Our slogan is “Good for you!” because it embodies both health and encouragement. By empowering you with knowledge, recipes and support, we hope you will achieve health and weight-loss success for yourself and those you love!

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